What We Offer

We at jTask use industry Change Management standards on all our projects. We also teach the ACMP® Standard for Change Management© to help our customers understand change management, how they can implement it at their company and use it on their projects effectively.

Package Executive Corporate
Who Should Attend
Executives, project managers, change practitioners Change teams and practitioners
Instructor-Led or
Virtual Instructor-Led
Instructor-Led or
Virtual Instructor-Led
Introduction to the ACMP Standard for Change Management
Boot Camp for the ACMP Standard for Change Management  ✓
Practical exercises  ✓
Course length 1 hr. 4 hrs.
ACMP QEP™ Course Code Not Applicable Q000139
QEP Approved hours  Not Applicable  3 hrs.
Pricing per attendee  Free  $350
Minimum number of students  5  5
Instructor travel expenses  Not included  Not included

We provide training in two formats: Executive and Corporate. Our training solutions will provide the following:

  • Clarity for explaining the role of Change Management to executive management
  • Knowledge of what the Standard for Change Management is and its application
  • Ideas on how to use it at your company for faster, deeper and broader change adoption
  • Insight on current best practices and what change management pros are talking about
  • Foresight of what pitfalls to avoid
  • Awareness to make sure you are working on the right activities

You too can receive the same training that change management professionals and students from companies including AT&T, Accenture, Applied Materials, EPRI, Genentech, Hewlett Packard and Symantec have already received.

Call (1-877-535-1125) or email sales today if you would like to learn more about how you can receive this training.