jTask is better because we collaborate with our clients to assess, evaluate, and anticipate an organization and its stakeholders’ readiness, ability, and capacity to undergo a transition from the current state to a future state. The processes also include an assessment of the change and the impact the change will have on the individual and organization. History, culture, and value systems play key roles in these evaluations. The results provide change practitioners with information to calibrate leader expectations and to scale and customize change management plans and activities.

The purpose of Evaluate Change Impact and Organizational Readiness is to:

  • Review the overall change and how it will impact the organization
  • Establish whether the organization is ready and able to adopt the proposed change

This comprehensive evaluation involves a series of processes. Each process outlines the purpose of the activity, main areas of focus, and key inputs and outputs.

Why Choose Us

Our experience has taught us that this analysis phase of projects is critical to your success. Therefore, from day one on your project, we arrive with knowledge and tools to bring to bear on your change impact analysis, risk and stakeholder assessment. One such tool is jTask Delta.