jTask is better because we’re familiar with working with organizations at the formative stages of their change efforts.

We can help you develop the high-level approach for change management with sponsors, change leaders, content developers, program managers, customers, and others on the project. This approach includes governance, risks, resources, budget, and reporting. The change strategy will incorporate, integrate, and align change management plans, activities, tasks, and milestones into the other activities and operations of an organization and its stakeholders at the onset of a change (timing and sequence). Stakeholder engagement is included in this process group.

The purpose of Change Management Strategy is to develop the overarching approach for how an organization transitions from its current state to its future state. The Change Management Strategy is typically designed to realize a set of goals to achieve specific organizational outcomes.

The Change Management Strategy details the scale, scope, and complexity of the change program and defines the requirements and implementation options, challenges, constraints, opportunities, success criteria, measurements, RACI, and governance for each change management activity needed to achieve successful and sustainable change implementation. It clarifies what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, who will do it, when it will be done, and the expected outcome. It may also include resource and other cost requirements for the change program, such as tools or technology solutions used by the change team, marketing/communication materials, or events.

Why Choose Us

jTask prides itself on its creativity and integrity. That’s why we deliver creative solutions to your Change Management needs without breaking your bank.