jTask is better because we employ specific change management methodologies and tools to develop detailed plans for implementing the change management strategy. These plans include communications, sponsorship, stakeholder engagement, learning and development, risk management, and measurement and benefits realization. Ongoing integration with project management is included.

The purpose of the Change Management Plan is to document the actions, timelines, and resources needed to deliver the change. The Change Management Plan is a series of component plans that define the scope of the change effort and how it will be undertaken, controlled, and monitored.

The Change Management Plan should reflect the overall complexity of the change effort and consider:

  • Objectives/goals and intended outcomes of the change effort
  • Steps to address the change and by whom
  • How to facilitate the change effort
  • How the change management effort will be implemented, transitioned, and sustained
  • Dependencies of the change plan activities
  • Assumptions, issues, and risks

Why Choose Us

Our Change Management Plans vary to fit the size and complexity of each change effort.