Appealing visual display

Why read through dozens of spreadsheets? Get a glimpse of of just how critical the buy-in, interest of a stakeholder is; see the risk of the change to various groups and all on an up-to-date dashboard.

Identify stakeholders

Why not have up-to-the-minute HR data on your stakeholders? List all critical project information about stakeholders in on easy-to-access location, to make communication and analysis quick and easy.A reliable stakeholder register is a key component in thorough and on-time project communication. A tool to manage this critical information is an valuable asset for any project team.

Analyze stakeholder buy-in

Do you know how everyone in the project needs to be communicated with, their concerns, pet peeves, unique history with the company or other valuable social marketing information? Create and edit analysis that provide valuable information for communication and project management like: the role on the project, what tasks they’re expected to perform, their concerns, preferred communication portals and key messages they’re most interested in.

Analyze change impact

Do you know just how serious it is if one of your most influential stakeholders or stakeholder groups is opposed to the project? You can campaign and monitor in real-time stakeholder impact and risk, bringing down your overall project risk.

Report on stakeholder engagement

Analyze the affect of stakeholder buy-in, interest, influence and risk by stakeholder group or by individual.The jTask Pulse Engage module helps project team members make sure that change management and project professional understand the stakeholder needs and the change impacts on end-users.

  • Web-based
  • Quickly create stakeholder groups and assign users
  • Extensive user data is already available in system
  • Create and assign users to personalized groups quickly
  • Quickly assign user groups to anticipated communications
  • Automatically remove duplicates from your communication target audience
  • Ease of updates enables more accurate lists
  • Reduces communication ‘misses’
  • Reduces management and reporting time