Control project role mapping

Having a tool to map your people to their security roles and training is critical to project success. When the system goes live people may not have the right access to even do their jobs. If they don’t have access or they are not trained the resulting impact on help desk levels and on operations can be disastrous.

More control than swapping Excel spreadsheets

Your ERP implementation IT security team cannot grant the proper security permissions without information from all stakeholders and managers based on their business processes and roles. When this information comes in varying form, formats and times, project teams often end up with the headache of managing scores of different documents without any good way of controlling the input, aging or the accuracy of the information provided. A dedicated person tasked exclusively with managing this awkward scenario may be required. All of these issues cost more and more money for your project. When the information isn’t accurate or traceable the money can be wasted.

Reduce costs

Having all your role mapping information maintained in a project centralized database is an efficient way to manage every aspect of collecting security and role mapping information. Plus when the information is centrally controlled, traceable and accurate your project team will know who requires what training so that they can do their jobs when the change goes live.

Reduce risks

When everyone has the right roles assigned and security access, then knowing what training to assign is a snap. The risk of not having the right people trained when the change goes live can be eliminated.

  • Web-based
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Positions combine security roles and training into a single object
  • Ability to map multiple people and positions at one time
  • Excel imports available for all objects, for example users, security roles, training, tcodes, and positions
  • Reports on user, position and security role
  • Assigns ownership of Positions and Mapping to the business
  • Integrates security and training to ensure preparedness
  • Allows simultaneous mapping across organization – eliminates spreadsheet confusion
  • Reduces misses with built-in reporting