Manage and report results of custom training development

When custom training is critical to the success of your project, training development must be managed closely. When training is not well managed, the right materials cannot be developed to industry standards. Without real-time reporting your developers and stakeholders must spend valuable time to sit in meetings just to find out the status. What can help is a software tool that gives developers, stakeholders and project team members full visibility into the training development effort.

Ensure consistent and effective training materials

When you add the value of your subject matter expert (SME) knowledge base to a seamless execution of  training development, using the ADDIE methodology, you come up with training that works, every time. The jTask Train module lets anyone who knows the job tasks, write effective course lists, course descriptions and learning objectives. The tool gently supports everyone on the project in using best practices for training development.

Reduce costs

Training that is developed correctly the first time, costs less than training that must be improved to work.

Reduce risks

Training materials that are developed with a language validating software tool, reduce the risks of end-user help requirement brought on by low-quality training materials.

  • Web-based
  • Executive scorecard
  • Course description editor and templates
  • Reports on project status by developer
  • Reports on project status by class
  • Reports on project status by simulation
  • Fully compliant with ADDIE
  • Centralized verb dictionary
  • Automated output of courses to PowerPoint course templates
  • Automated output to Excel for drill down analysis
  • Automated output to HTML for company intranet
  • Interview email templates to send to subject matter experts
  • One month return on investment
  • Reduces management and reporting time
  • Provides transparency to the development process for all stakeholders via the web
  • Provides better consistency of the training development end-product
  • Provides for faster development
  • Enables quicker sign-off on course analysis
  • Handles evolving course names
  • Prevents many common inconsistencies in language and style
  • Ability to manage verbs