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up to 5 licenses




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up to 15 licenses




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unlimited licenses


*New pricing effective May 16

Existing customers will keep the old plan pricing until December 1, 2017.
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$599 one time fee

Select a Pulse plan then add jTask REST API to connect jTask Pulse to your org data, eliminating the need for spreadsheet uploads, for a one-time fee of $599 for the set-up.

SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)
$599 per month

Select a Pulse plan then add jTask SAML Single Sign-on (SSO), so your managers or employees can access Pulse using their corporate federated accounts, to do mapping and approval. Purchase jTask SAML SSO for $599 per month with no cancellation fees. jTask Pulse SAML protocol and works with cloud Systems like OKTA, Centrify, Bitium and OneLogin.

Role Mapping
Fundamentals Training

Join a jTask mapping expert and explore the fundamentals of role mapping, using jTask Pulse.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is there a price increase in June?

    We have not increased pricing in over 3 years, while we have continued to enhance and add value to jTask Pulse. To help with the transition, existing users who have signed up for a plan before June 1 will be exempt from the increase until after December 1. If you change your plan before then you will have to purchase the plan at the new rate.

    How do I pay?

    To pay, just select your user plan and pay using a credit card directly in jTask Pulse. To use a PO, we ask for a six-month commitment, payable at the start.

  • What users am I billed for and which are free of charge with the paid licenses?

    There are two types of jTask Pulse users: Billable and Non-Billable.

    Billable users are Active users who are using modules or are Super-users or Admins. All have edit capability in their assigned security role. Included in Billable users is the Key User. This is the person responsible for managing the billing. They will have read-only access to Dashboards and reports after payment is stopped and before the instance of jTask Pulse is deactivated

    Non-Billable users are individuals who only need display and mappers who only map people to positions. Mappers do not have access to edit positions. To edit positions you need to be a jTask Pulse Super-user or Mapping Super-user. These are billable. See above.

  • Training

  • How am I trained in jTask Pulse?

    We provide two hours of free application support for Small, Medium and Large license purchases. We recommend using this free support for training. If you need additional training, it is available for all licensees at $120 per hour.

  • How much time does it take to learn jTask Pulse?

    It typically takes about half an hour to learn each module. There are four main modules, Engage, Communicate, Train and Map. Admin training takes an additional hour.

  • Is there any online help?

    Yes there is. Click on the Help menu. You can also add your company's own Change Management practices and processes as Expert Help.

  • Application Support

  • Is technical support available?

    Yes. We provide two hours of free support for Small, Medium and Large license purchases, to be used however you need, whether for initial training, setup or data loads. Paid technical support is available for all licensees at $120 per hour.


  • How do I become a jTask Pulse partner?

    Contact us at As a partner, we will support you with initial sales calls until you become effective. After your first Customer signs up, you will receive your own test instance with unlimited licenses, your own Partner dashboard to see all your change management projects as well as training for an administrator you select.

  • General

  • Can I increase or reduce the number of licenses in a hurry?

    Your administrator can add or remove users at any time. Our system tracks usage and will adjust your next month’s billing accordingly.

  • What is the process after we stop using Pulse and paying for the service?

    As a user, you pay one month in advance. After that month runs out your key user will have one month’s additional access to Dashboards and Reports for data download purposes, everybody else will be deactivated and no longer have access to Pulse. After that one-month period has elapsed, no further access will be allowed and your data will be archived and then deleted four months later.

    If you wish to retrieve your data from archive, before it is deleted, the fee to retrieve your data will be equivalent to your last month’s bill using jTask Pulse.

  • Can I extract my data from jTask Pulse and is it difficult?

    It is easy to extract some or all of your data from jTask Pulse to Microsoft Office files or text files.

  • Can I share data with non-users?

    Yes. You can provide non-jTask Pulse users direct links to communication plans or training course descriptions.

  • What software implementations does jTask Pulse Support?

    jTask Pulse supports all types of software implementations. It has been used to support SAP, SAP Hybris, Oracle, Salesforce, and ServiceMax business transformations to name a few.

    What is the security policy?

    We take security very seriously and have a designated Security Risk Officer, who will be able to answer critical technical questions.

    Please contact us directly for a detailed explanation of our site Security technical information.

    For mapping that is being done by managers or employees (Non-billable users), you will need to add jTask SAML SSO to your plan to ensure security. This is true for all size plans.