Who is Attending

Register for our class and join other professionals.  Students with over ten years’ experience overwhelmingly select jTask’s CCMP Training. After taking our course, here are a few of their comments.

What Students are Saying

Kristin P, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I thought the course was well taught and liked the quizzes and case studies. Overall, I enjoyed the first session and look forward to session 2.”

Lori J, FDA

“I thought this was a really great course.  Sometimes it’s difficult to structure courses on-line and this one really hit the mark. Thanks!”

Gina S, Bahamas First Holdings Ltd.

“The quizzes were great!”

Katherine D, Project Brilliant

“Great class, thank you.
Instructor is great. I think it’s a challenge to keep people focused in distance learning. Good engagement.”

Chuck R, IMPC

Good information. I find I’m doing a lot of thinking, digesting and interpretation of what you’re presenting.”

Ligia C, Edmonds Community College

“Thank you. Excellent online experience. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be online for so many hours, but you have a great format, it’s very engaging and just a great learning experience. The practical examples you built in are fantastic and make the course so much more useful.”

Lori P, Novartis

“Great session ….”

Supriya M, County of Marin

“Loved the Costco example.”

Angela N. L, We Can {Code} It

“The memory cards and jTask tool amps this training up!
…a very skilled online instructor! Best I’ve ever had or seen in my career!…”You made it go by quick. Great job. Thank you.”

Eileen G, Clarkston Consulting

“The instructor does a great job of bringing real-world scenarios into the classroom, to emphasize the practicality of what we’re learning.”

Iryna C, ChangeImpulse

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and care. I will recommend that Ukrainians contact you and take the training… it was a pleasure to learn from you!”