How We Work

jTask uses change management industry standards to support our customers’ Business Transformation and Change Management Projects. The consistent use of standards allows for faster execution. We provide trained specialists in all areas of Change management from stakeholder identification & engagement, change impact analysis, training analysis, design & development, to project communication and mapping users’ training & security requirements.

On a project our consultants work with our customers to do the following:

  • Evaluate Change Impact and Organizational Readiness
  • Formulate the Change Management Strategy
  • Develop the Change Management Plan
  • Execute the Change Management Plan
  • Complete the Change Management Effort

As part of the change management process, we build a Change Management Plan that is broken into the following sub-plans:

Change Management Strategy

Without the proper strategy, your change plan can end up being overly complex and costly. Or it may be sparse where it needs to be robust because risk is greater. Of course, your evaluation of change impact and organizational readiness can help you come up with a strategy that’s geared to your change and organizational needs.

To support our consultants and the change management profession in general, we’ve written a white paper about the Seven Steps for Successful Change Management Strategy. We encourage you to download it here. It’s useful for all change managers as well as those seeking to do the CCMP exam.

Change Management Plan

Resource Plan:

Defines what resources will be necessary to accomplish the tasks.

Finding the right resources for the project is our expertise. We understand what change consultants, change agents, super users, sponsors and stakeholders need to do to move a project forward. By understanding the roles that need executing, we are able to plan start dates, end dates, and accountability in terms of the tasks they need to perform.

Sponsorship Plan:

Identifies sponsors and a plan to effectively lead the change

Stakeholder Engagement Plan:

Identifies actions to engage groups/individuals, mitigate resistance and enlist support.

At jTask, we have extensive experience and software to support a comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement plan

We help our customers build a strategy to identify the right people and engage with them as individuals or groups

Stakeholder Engagement Covers

  • Identification of Stakeholder Individuals or Groups
  • Stakeholder Description
  • Documenting Needs and concerns
  • Establishing Communication channels
  • Performing Communication plan activities
  • Measuring stakeholder commitment, acceptance or interest against influence or power to track progress toward adoption
  • Building stakeholder quadrant analysis charts to evaluate progress

Communications Plan:

Defines internal and external audiences along with specific communication activities and events

jTask has a communication approach that is comprehensive and appropriate for covering all aspects of communications from branding and identity strategy to awareness campaigns and broad-based project communication. jTask can also support a communications measurement strategy from website measurements to surveys to insure that what has been communicated is being received and effective.

The communication plan can include the following:

  • Targeted Project Communication
  • Monthly Status Newsletter
  • Project Intranet Website (Team and End-user Facing)
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Surveys

Impact Assessment and Readiness Plan:

Identifies the actions, roles, and responsibilities for detailed impact analysis, following the high-level impact analysis undertaken in the assessment phase.

Learning and Development Plan:

Identifies training needs and knowledge gaps of those effected by change

Critical to any change management effort is making sure that the right people are trained in the skills that they need for the change to be successfully adopted. We will help you determine what needs to be taught, how it should be delivered, executed and measured.

jTask is experienced in carrying out instructional design, working with tools such as jTask Pulse, Captivate, Articulate, Ancile uPerform or WPB (Workforce Performance Builder) and using major learning management systems.

The learning and development plan will cover the following:

  • Training Analysis and Design
  • Training Development and Implementation
  • Training Quality System definition and setup
  • End-user Training Practice Environment setup and support

Measurement and Benefits Realization Plan:

Defines processes and actions to monitor and track progress on the project’s key performance indicators as defined in the project charter.

Sustainability Plan:

Approach to maintaining the new processes that may include communication, metrics tracking, performance management, rewards and recognition, sustaining ownership and continuous improvement. Change management workstreams in your strategy should each have a sustainability plan.