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Industry Standard Methodologies
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jTask provides experienced specialists in both change management and instructional design. They follow industry standard methodologies, such as the ACMP® Standard for Change Management©. They utilize instructional system design strategies like ADDIE, when building training that ensures stakeholders quickly adopt the change and realize the benefits.

Each company has a distinct set of end-users and corporate culture, a specific scope of change and unique project requirements. We understand this, so we work hard to make sure the consultant is the right fit for your organization and has the previous experience that will ensure they are able to contribute to your business changes.

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Change Management Consulting

Plan and Manage the Execution

We can provide your organization with Change Management Leads and Practitioners who can assist you to deliver business transformation change and achieve the outcomes you expect.

Our consultants can build your change management plan and manage the execution. Our change management leads have over ten years of experience and have professional qualifications in leading Change Management standards and methodologies. They will provide you with a structured approach to gain user adoption and benefit realization.

We have provided consulting resources on many projects that involve ecommerce, Cloud, HR and ERP business transformations.

You will get a solution that is appropriate to the amount of identified change and the level of risk.

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Training and Instructional Design Consulting

Create Change Management Learning and Development Plan

We can provide your organization with Instructional Design consultants who will help you complete your project training needs analysis, then create the learning and development plan, including curriculums and training materials. Our consultants are experienced in creating role-based training and using multiple learning systems methodologies. We have provided instructional design consultancy for many companies from instructor lead to eLearning solutions.

Our senior Instructional Designers have over ten years of experience working on learning and development projects.

You will get the appropriate learning and development solutions to support your project, along with the ability to measure the results of employee training, from simple class completion results to job certification.

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ACMP Standard for Change Management Consulting

Align and Modify Your Existing Process

We can provide your organization with Change Management consultants who will help you implement the ACMP Standard for Change Management. They will help align or modify your existing process to line up with the industry standard. This will allow you to accelerate your organizational change efforts in line with industry best practices.

Our senior Change Management consultants have many years of experience working with, teaching and practically implementing ACMP Standard for Change Management.

We have provided change management consulting using the ACMP Standard, since its publication in October of 2014.

You get on-the-job-training for your staff in the ACMP Standard and how to use it to deliver change management that achieves the expected business outcomes. Embrace the ACMP Standard to attract the best change management talent to your organization.

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Role Mapping Consulting

Design And Map Roles with Security Access

We can provide your organization with mapping consultants who work with the key stakeholders (business end-users, security experts, process experts and trainers) to help you design the roles for your software implementation. This will ensure that users of enterprise software are mapped to the correct role with the required training and security access. Our consultants are experienced in working with organizations to design roles and map hundreds to thousands of individuals to their correct roles.

We have provided role mapping consultancy for many industries including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and technology.

We offer free training webinars about the Fundamentals of Role Mapping, so that project teams can become aware of some of the strategies to employ and pitfalls to avoid. Register for the webinar here.

You cannot afford to get your role mapping wrong. jTask can help you get this right the first time.

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Free Change Management Software Webinar

Learn how Fortune 500 companies use jTask Pulse Change Management software solution to accelerate benefit realization

New to Stakeholder Analysis, Change Impact Assessment and User Mapping (Training and Security) or need to explain it to your team? Learn the theory and different approaches, then see how jTask Pulse accelerates the process and ensures a standardized approach. Want a general overview of jTask Pulse features and benefits? Register for the jTask Pulse SaaS Webinar.

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CCMP Training

Individual and Corporate Courses for Change Management Teams

Need training to prepare you for the Certified Change Management Professional™ exam or to practically implement the ACMP Standard for Change Management© in your organization?

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