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Students with over ten years of experience overwhelmingly select jTask CCMP Training. Here is what people have to say about CCMP Training.

“I PASSED!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help! I don’t see how anybody passes without jTask Inc.”

Elizabeth P.
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Logo

“I took and passed the exam today! jTask’s positive messages about the value of change management, the value of certification, and personal encouragement are just wonderful.”

Ray G.
HR Leader

“I’ve just passed my CCMP exam. Thanks a lot for the help from jTask by offering such useful training materials, tips and mock test.”

Hori L.
ASG Group, HK Logo

“I wanted to take the time to let you know I passed and to say thank you. All the answered questions and the input and help in addition to the class. And especially the encouragement. Thank you.”

Trish B.
NYS Workers Compensation Board Logo

“Thanks a lot for your guidance and help in attaining my certification. Thanks again for your encouragement.”

Rama B.

“Happy to report that I received a PASS today! Thanks for the support, great class.”

Terence Z.
Wells Fargo Bank

“Thank you for leading a great course. I enjoyed the class and style of teaching, and I appreciate the extra attention you gave me to make sure that I was able to attend all four sessions.”

Peter Michael P.
Bio Optronics

“I passed! I couldn’t have done it without jTask!“

Kara S.

“I can’t think of any improvements! The exercises and quizzes were helpful and effective for me. Hearing others discuss their answers was enjoyable for me. Thank you!”

Shelli L.
Washington State Health Care Authority Logo

“Good thorough content by a committed, expert instructor. The exercises were well designed to apply the standard and I liked the online test interaction as well. (The instructor has a) thorough understanding of the standard and (provided) expert tips on understanding and applying it.”

Janet W.
Cisco Logo

“(I most enjoyed) having class participants share the results of the exercises. It is great to get a lot of different perspectives. I very much appreciate this class and … the instructor. I’ve learned how to apply the information in the standard and study for the exam. Thank you! (I also appreciated) building the templates and taking the quizzes. ”

Peggy K.
University of the Pacific Logo

“The jTask training program and mock questions TRULY helped me prepare for the assessment. The content challenged me and prompted me to check back with the Standard to dig into areas that required more studying. As a bonus, I appreciated the mock exam questions as they had me in the “test-taking” frame of mind. I highly recommend the course and the full preparation for success!”

Wyatt H.
Lhotse Management Solutions

“Loved making my own templates and seeing other examples.”

Beth K.
St. Luke's Health System Logo

“(I most enjoyed) the practical exercises and showing the (jTask) Pulse software.”

Yevette C.
Acelero Learning Logo

“The MemoryPak is awesome!”

Christel P.
Procon Consulting Logo

“The quizzes!”

Adekoya T.
Canadian Federal Government Logo

“Great class, Kept my interest for all 6 hours (each class)!”

Vivienne B.
Heraeus Logo

“The breaks were perfectly timed … Thank you.”


“The practical exercises and quizzes were the most interesting and effective”

Jennifer M.

“Quizzes and case studies were absolutely useful! Thank you for a very enjoyable learning experience!”

Lidija F.
Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

“(I liked the) application of standard to real-life scenarios”

Caroline S.
Cisco Logo

“The practice exams and tool kits. The practice quizzes, along with the feedback, helped me see how careful I need to be in reading and understanding the question AND reading all of the answers before I choose. The templates are helpful, too.”

Kimberly C.
VMD Corp Logo

“Study tips were great! Will definitely get started on strategy vs plan alignment! It’s perfect, Case studies, templates, study tips and the cards were what I found most enjoyable!”

Terry C.
Bank of America Logo

“Helpful to see what others are thinking or how they apply certain aspects to their industries and projects Practice exercises were very useful”

Lana G.
Insperity Logo

“Exercises and quizzes were enjoyed.”

Marcus B.
New Compass Consulting

“Toolkits are beneficial.”

Sahr N.
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

“The test reviews are great.”

Allyson F.
Telus Logo

“I enjoyed Building Templates!”

Ambra W.
Agility Consulting Logo

“I learned a lot. Thank you especially for (the quizzes) and the real case sharing”

Annie C.
Beijing ChangeMag Consulting Co. Ltd Logo

“The quizzes were most enjoyable.”

Daniel W.
Charter Communications Logo

“I can’t think of anything to improve–given the amount of material that needed to be covered, the breaks were timed well … Just the right amount of instruction and practice and real-world examples. I really liked the practice exercises because we ended up with templates that we can use for future projects, and it was good to hear the feedback and input of other professionals who approach change management from different areas. Generally, …an amazing instructor–he tried to make this fun as well as informative, and I feel like I learned a TON about Change Management, but also about how to strategize to take the exam and how to study. I LOVED the study tips.”

Pamela O.
Procon Consulting Logo

“It helps to have it reiterated over and over that it’s okay to share and not have it be right or even close to right. It’s all about learning and growing. Thanks! The scenarios and suggestions for passing the exam. Those were priceless.”

Jason L.
St. Luke’s Health System

“The study guide tips and tricks were very welcome! Especially around organizing the strategies. Overall, this was a good course and I am glad I enrolled in it. I was looking for a course that focused on the Standard itself, and this course certainly did that. Thank you!” The templates are a great idea – very useful. The case studies in the last session were excellent, too.”

Jo-Louise H.

“The quizzes are helpful to prepare students for phrasing of potential questions and train them to answer within allotted time.”

Mary T
Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

“(The discussion of) strategy (was effective.)”

Farida L.
Unilever Logo

“(The instructor’s) deep knowledge of the standard and his adherence to the standard for the training.
(Also appreciated) learning exercises where we apply the standard (and create templates for re-use)”

Janet W.
Cisco Logo

“Great structure for organizing the new ACMP standards and the MemoryPak cards for study was much appreciated.”

Gillian H.
Accenture Logo

“ I thought this was a really great course. Sometimes it’s difficult to structure courses online and this one really hit the mark. Thanks! ”

Lori J.
FDA Logo

“Great class, thank you. The instructor is great. I think it’s a challenge to keep people focused in distance learning. Good engagement!”

Kat D.
Project Brilliant Logo

“Loved the Costco example would have loved to hear other real world examples too…”

Supriya M.
County Of Marin Logo

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and care. I will recommend Ukrainians to contact you and take trainings… it was a pleasure to learn from you!”

Iryna C.
Change Impulse Logo

“…you are absolutely excellent. Wish someone like you taught the GMAT etc.!!”

Sherry M.
Johnson & Johnson Logo

“I just completed a quite expensive Change Management training one week prior to your jTask CCMP Training and received their high-priced certificate.

However, after taking your jTask training and passing the CCMP exam 2 days later, I can say with confidence the jTask training was the ONLY reason that I passed the CCMP exam!! The CCMP Training from jTask is definitely the most cost-effective and value-added program available!”

Dell W
Energy Industry

“Thank you very much for a very thorough training! I wasn’t sure how it was going to be online for so many hours, but you have a great format, it’s very engaging and just a great learning experience. The practical examples you built in are fantastic and make the course so much more useful.”

Ligia C.
Edmonds Community Collage Logo

“Very much appreciated the instructor’s using the approach of “here’s what we’re going to talk about, we talk about it, and here’s what we talked about” to keep us organized. Continual reference back to the standard also good, as it served the same type of purpose. Appreciate the tips and hints as to how to prepare for the test.”

Chuck R.
IPMC, Inc.

“Best practices, experience or lessons learned from other participants were most enjoyable”

Colleen H.

“I couldn’t get under 3 minutes but got very close!!! Thanks so much for your great instruction and these cards which were a fun prep tool for the exam.”

Lailani A.
The Gap Logo

“The memory cards and jTask tool amps this training up! A very skilled online instructor! Best I’ve ever had or seen in my career! GOOD JOB!”

Angela L.
Software Fanatic Cons. LTD

“Shout out to your flash card tool in preparing for the CCMP exam! It …helped me focus on the right information.”

Audra D.
Amway Logo

“Thanks to your class – really set the foundation for me to pass the test.”

Jim W.
Steady Consulting

“Thank you a lot for a great training! One of the best online training I have ever attended.”

Andrzej P.
Ernst & Young Logo

“The course does a great job of bringing real-world scenarios into the classroom, to emphasize the practicality of what we’re learning.”

Kristin P.

Clarkston Consulting Logo

“Thank you! Your class was super helpful. ”

Jennifer H.
Cisco Logo

“Great Session today! So eager to apply all of the new things I learned!”

Ketti M.
Ecova Logo

“I think others seeking their CCMP certification could benefit from taking this course.”

Eric F.
West Monroe

“Moderating & delivering an online training course is difficult and Instructor did a masterful job all the way around. Well done & thank you!”

JoAnn C.
Array Biopharma

“I enjoy the practice exams and going over The Standard in depth. This will be very helpful in preparing for the exam. I liked getting the material before the course to review. I will use it as a study guide. I like using the standard to create templates.”

Andora M.
American Electric Power

“Hearing feedback from others was great.”

Tea W.
Management Systems International

“Hearing other students answers to practice scenarios, Going over the slide content but not reading it word for word – Instructor did an excellent job at making this content enjoyable.”

Jacquelyn C.
Quest Software

“Real life examples were very effective.”

Kathy S.
City of Boise

“Great course and thank you for making this valuable. Thinking of a possible improvement, have you thought of breaking the course into 5 sessions versus 4 sessions? ”

Nancy P.

“I liked the lesson leap (or whatever it was called) Helped distinguish the difference between a strategy and plan quite well. I really appreciated the interactive parts and the case studies. Much thanks.”

Sami P.
Kaiser Permanente

“… great information and great presentation. Exercises were great! more of those please.”

Alan T.
Martin Marietta

“good closing exercises and good to hear about how to communicate the value of change management. I liked the radio (interview) exercise.”

Julia P.

“Excellent class. Much more engaging than I expected. Fantastic facilitator. Great mix of exercises and quizzes to drive home standards. Appreciate the exam prep!!”

Kimberly J.

“Just wanted to thank you for a great class in Nov-Dec and let you know that I took and passed the CCMP exam on December 22, so am starting the new year with a credential!”

Julia W.
Danbridge Partners

“You were my CCMP instructor at the end of 2017. … and, I passed!”

Tracey W.
GE Transportation

“Hey [instructor], Letting you know I PASSED!! Thanks for your helpful hints to keep me focused before the exam. You were right, it was tricky. But your advice on reading the questions carefully and taking your time paid off. I took all 3 hours and made sure that I read the question multiple times. Thanks for your help!”

Katie R. 
Farm Credit Canada

“(Upon passing the CCMP exam) Glad to share a recent accomplishment with you (on LinkedIn) …and the instructor.”

Lars G.
FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management University of Applied Science

“I appreciated the real-life examples”

Amy M.
Pacific Life

“Practice quizzes were most effective or enjoyable”

Raj A. 

“The strategy section (class 3) was by far the most impactful to me”

Jessica N.
Georgia Pacific

I SOOOOO appreciate the ability to come through the course more than once. It makes so much more sense, and I’m doing much better on the quizzes as I’ve heard the information the first time, worked through the flash cards, and read the standard and code of ethics. This is wonderful! This is my second time sitting through this class. I’m finding the more I listen and read, the more the information makes sense to me.

Kimberly C.
VMD Systems Integrators

“I appreciate hands on activities. I like having to apply the things that I’ve learned. I really appreciated the mnemonic (Do I Accept Change) for remembering the process steps. I enjoyed the practical exercises and the quizzes as well. It allowed me to spend time really working in the standard.”

Jackie T.
University of North Carolina

“When the instructor drew connection between slides and information in the standard…..easy to follow, highlight, etc. I liked the didactic, particularly seeing the standard’s application to the work I do every day. I liked how the instructor showed us how to use the standard to develop templates, etc. I thought the practice exams were helpful. I also liked how the instructor teased out key competencies and elements of the standard from job descriptions.”

Thomas A.
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System

“Case studies were really helpful. The practical exercises, especially the last one where we had to articulate the value proposition a few different times.”

Romana C. 
Stillwater Energy

“I enjoyed that participants can share how they went about the exercises.”

Kristina M. 
Phillip Morris International