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CCMP MemoryPak

A design inspired by the ACMP® Standard for Change Management©, this 60-card deck lets you make the ACMP Standard real for those preparing for the CCMP™ exam.

Our CCMP training instructor says that “if you cannot complete the MemoryPak™ game in eight minutes or less, you should postpone taking the exam. MemoryPak will have saved you the price of the retake fee.”


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The MemoryPak cards help to reinforce your knowledge of the processes and process groups that you need to understand and be very comfortable with in order to pass the CCMP exam and get your certification. They are designed to support and augment our CCMP Training.

To learn more about our training and how to register go to CCMP Training page.

How Does MemoryPak Work?

Instructions: Orange and Blue Cards

The orange cards represent The Process Group in the ACMP Standard and the blue cards represent the Processes that belong to a Process Group. Practice laying out the Process Groups and associated Processes cards in the correct sequence, and then check your results against the ACMP Standard. This exercise will help you memorize relationships and understand sequences of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Standard for Change Management.

Layout the main Process group cards (orange) from left to right in the proper sequence, then put the Process cards (blue) beneath them in the correct order. Work against the clock. The faster you can layout the deck of cards from memory, the better you will learn the ACMP Standard that is “the basis for the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) certification”.

Instructions: Green Flash Cards

The green cards are the ACMP Standard terms and definitions and can be used as Flash Cards. You can use the Flashcards in a variety of ways, from self-practice to timed team competition.

How do I check my MemoryPak card layout?

Everything you need to prepare for the MemoryPak deck exercise is in the ACMP Standard for Change Management or you can download our exercise review sheet.

MemoryPak Cards Are Just One Piece

You have found jTask CCMP Training, one of the only ACMP Qualified Education Providers to focus on teaching and implementing the ACMP Standard for its customers. CCMP MemoryPak Cards are just one example of our methods and training aids to help students master the ACMP Standard for Change Management.

MemoryPak Champion Circle

Sub five-Minute Layout

Irene Moe, CCMP™ – Time: 0:58 Min
Trish Bucci, CCMP™ – Time: 1:30 Min
Serge Romero, CCMP – Time: 1:33 Min – Watch the video
Leanne Downs, CCMP™ – Time: 1:38 Min
Peter Michael Pirro, CCMP™ – Time: 1:38 Min
Eva Green, CCMP™ – Time: 1:58 Min
Rob Bartlett, CCMP™ – Time: 1:59 Min
Jana Markowitz, CCMP™ – Time: 2:07 Min
Sisley Chung, CCMP™ – Time: 2:34 Min
Lailani Ali, CCMP™ – Time: 3:01 Min
Gwen Alegre, CCMP™ – Time: 4:26 Min

If you have completed CCMP™ MemoryPak™ training exercise correctly in less than five minutes, please let us know.

How Do I Get My Own MemoryPak Deck?

You can get your very own MemoryPak deck of Process and Flashcards by doing the following:

  • Register for jTask CCMP Training and we’ll ship you one free of charge to use in Class 4 of the training and then use for home practice.


MemoryPak is a trademark of Watson Games.

What people are saying about MemoryPak

If the MemoryPak has helped you with CCMP Exam preparation, please let us know.

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“The memory cards and jTask tool amps this training up! A very skilled online instructor! Best I've ever had or seen in my career! GOOD JOB!”

Angela L. Software Fanatic Consulting LTD

“Great structure for organizing the new ACMP standards and the MemoryPak cards for study was much appreciated.”

Gillian H. Accenture Logo

“I couldn't get under 3 minutes but got very close!!! Thanks so much for your great instruction and these cards which were a fun prep tool for the exam.”

Lailani A. The Gap Logo