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CCMP Webapp

To help jTask students master the ACMP Standard for Change Management© and prepare for the CCMP™ exam, we have launched a CCMP web application that is designed for your iPhone or Android mobile device.


CCMP Webapp ImageCCMP Webapp Image

CCMP Webapp

The web application is designed for professionals studying for the CCMP Exam. It contains all the key information from the ACMP Standard for Change Management that students must master to prepare to pass the CCMP Exam.

The app is designed for mobile devices, allowing students to review the information anytime, anywhere in a simple-to-use interface.

We recommend you save the Webapp page to your mobile device’s Home screen, so it is easily available when you want to study the Standard.

CCMP Webapp Pro

The PRO version of the web application is designed for professionals who are doing change management work. When you purchase the PRO version you receive jTask’s Notes to rapidly execute a Change Management project, all key toolkits and documentation you will need in easy access, and all based on the ACMP Standard.

Included in the PRO Version are 110 jTask CCMP quiz questions if you are studying for the exam.

If you are a jTask CCMP Training student you will be given access to the PRO version. Students from jTask CCMP Training in prior years can get access to the CCMP Webapp Pro by emailing your request to support@jtask.com.


1. How do I access the jTask CCMP Webapp?

To access the Webapp go to   http://ccmp-webapp.jtask.com from your mobile device, create an account, and complete email verification. Then save jTask CCMP Webapp to your mobile device’s home screen. Click here for step-by-step-instructions.

2. How do I upgrade from jTask CCMP Webapp to the PRO version?

Go to the Webapp profile page and click on CCMP PRO, where you will be asked to pay. Click here for step-by-step-instructions.

If you are a current or former jTask CCMP Training student PRO access is included as part of the cost of your training course. To request an unlock code, contact support@jtask.com.

3. How do I save the jTask CCMP Webapp to my mobile Home Screen?

Click here for step-by-step-instructions.

4. How do I access the jTask CCMP Training Course Quizzes?

jTask CCMP Course quizzes that are part of each class are in CCMP Training Webapp. If you are in the CCMP PRO Webapp you need to change to CCMP Training to access the quizzes. Click here for step-by-step-instructions to change from Training to PRO.

5. How do I change the default Homepage of the jTask CCMP Webapp?

You can change the default Webapp Homepage by going to your Account Profile and changing your Account Settings to CCMP Training or CCMP PRO. Click here for step-by-step-instructions.

6. Does the Webapp work on my Laptop or Desktop computer?

Yes! jTask CCMP Webapp works on mobile, laptop, or desktop computers.

7. Will my access to the Webapp expire after a period of time?

Currently, there are no plans to expire your access to the free version or the PRO version.

8. How many devices can I use with the Webapp at a time?

Theoretically, as many as you have.  jTask CCMP Webapp is a web application, which is accessible using any web browser.

CCMP Webapp CCMP Webapp Pro
Purpose Studying for the Exam Doing Change Management
Price Free $69*
ACMP Standard Outline Check Bullet Icon Check Bullet Icon
ACMP Standard Definitions Check Bullet Icon Check Bullet Icon
Process Groups Check Bullet Icon Check Bullet Icon
Process Steps Check Bullet Icon Check Bullet Icon
Input and Outputs Check Bullet Icon Check Bullet Icon
jTask CCMP Quiz Questions Check Bullet Icon
Change Management Process Charts Check Bullet Icon
What Questions to Ask During Analysis Check Bullet Icon
Change Management Strategy Playbook Check Bullet Icon
How to Develop a Change Management Plan Check Bullet Icon
How to Execute Change Management Check Bullet Icon
How to Complete Change Management Effort Check Bullet Icon
How to Get the ACMP Standard to Work with Your Model Check Bullet Icon
Spreadsheets to complete tasks such as Stakeholder and Change Impact Analysis Check Bullet Icon

*Free of charge for jTask CCMP Training Students


Students with over ten years of experience overwhelmingly select jTask CCMP Training.

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