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To save you time, we have developed free Toolkits that directly support the use and implementation of the ACMP Standard for Change Management.

At jTask, we are committed to advancing the discipline of Change Management and supporting practitioners by providing free Toolkits, that assist corporate employees, independent consultants, and organizations to implement the free and open ACMP Standard for Change Management to achieve success in their business change initiatives.

As a change management practitioner, you may need to explain the value of change management or the process steps in the ACMP Standard, so we have developed Toolkits to help you.  All the Toolkits we have created are designed to support your efforts to implement the ACMP Standard for Change Management on a day-to-day basis in your job.

We hope you find them helpful and decide to become a Certified Change Management Professional.

Here are some Toolkits that we have created directly from the ACMP Standard to show you how:

Process Checklist





The use of the ACMP Standard will be based on your job Description, Experience, and SENIORITY.

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Change management professional working as an employee of an organization

  • Adopt the ACMP Standard for Change Management as your organization’s change management methodology.
  • Use the ACMP Standard Process Checklist or modify your existing methodology to align with the ACMP Standard.

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Independent change management consultant

  • Incorporate the ACMP Standard for Change Management into your sales proposals and supporting statements of work.
  • Create your own templates and solution based on the ACMP Standard to set customer expectations.

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Senior change management professional supporting sales, marketing, and services for an organization

  • Use ACMP Standard for Change Management to build your Change Management toolkit.
  • Build change management answers to support your sales solution, based on the value of having a Standard for Change Management.

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Senior change management consultant helping organizations implement the ACMP Standard for Change Management

  • Review and train the customer in the ACMP Standard for Change Management.
  • Assist customers in implementing the ACMP Standard or updating their existing methodology, to adopt the Standard, concepts, processes, and definitions.



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