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jTask Launches Change Management Foundation Training

jTask Inc is excited to announce the launch of our new Change Management Foundation Training course!

Organizations around the world can now train their team in change management before investing in certifications and exams!

This course will provide comprehensive teaching of the ACMP Standard for Change Management model: analysis, strategy, planning, execution, and closure processes. Major models will also be discussed such as Prosci, Kotter, Llewellyn, etc.

Students will learn the value that change management staff can bring to organizations undergoing large, high-risk, and high-impact changes to their organizations. This course will strengthen any student that wants to become a change practitioner or is looking to polish their change management skills.

Organizations will benefit from people educated in a structured process to accomplish change.

Organizations can rest assured that their team will learn:

  • An adaptable change management process (based on the ACMP Standard for Change Management)
  • The responsibilities that come with being a change practitioner
  • An overview of all major change management models
  • How to build a change agent network and what it takes to keep it running smoothly
  • How to apply the Standard to manage change in their organization

Our customize feature allows organizations to add their own content to better suit their needs.
For only $5,000 you can get change management training for up to 10 students virtually!

We also offer on-site training.

Start setting up your team for success with our Change Management Foundation Training! Contact us to learn more.

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