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Role Mapping and Advanced jTask Pulse Map Administration Free Webinars. Next Classes Thursday, August 17

Join jTask for Free Role Mapping and Advanced jTask Pulse Map Administration Training Webinars.

The Role Mapping webinars are a great way to introduce your team, managers, or those required to map or approve mapping, to the concepts of role mapping, why it is important, when to do it and how to know when you’ve done an adequate job. Click here to register.

The Advanced Pulse Map Administration is for advanced users or administrators who need to set up and maintain good practices for using jTask Pulse. Mapping tends to be an iterative process and jTask Pulse users may need to be supported with small configuration updates performed by the administrator.

Please register if these descriptions match you, your team or your organization.

Free Change Management Software Webinar

Learn how Fortune 500 companies use jTask Pulse Change Management software solution to accelerate benefit realization

New to Stakeholder Analysis, Change Impact Assessment and User Mapping (Training and Security) or need to explain it to your team? Learn the theory and different approaches, then see how jTask Pulse accelerates the process and ensures a standardized approach. Want a general overview of jTask Pulse features and benefits? Register for the jTask Pulse SaaS Webinar.

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If you need change management or instructional system design consulting, change management software, CCMP training, or want help implementing the ACMP Standard for Change Management at your organization, please contact us.

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